Our Environments

We provide a neutral space that’s an inspirational and calming environment. Resources are neutral, open ended and authentic such as china tea sets and real food for the role play area.

We use open shelving to display and encourage children to get hands on and investigate with resources at the children’s height so they are easily accessible to them.

We have made significant changes to the nursery to enable the space to be used as the “third teacher”. The outcome is that the child’s thinking is challenged, they ask many more questions, respect the resources and become absorbed in their play.

The approach that we take to play and activities helps to shape the “thinkers and doers” of the future.

As well as play, good sleep and physical activity are important to a child’s development.

Sleep is important to a child’s growth and mental development. Whilst asleep children are able to make sense of their day, lock in new skills and memories as well as impact upon behaviour.

If you would like more information about sleep in young children click here.

We have free flow play inside and outside the nursery, as well as more structured activities such as sports with the Super Stars Sports Coaches. We encourage the children to be active.

Todays world is very focussed around the screen, and whilst this is important we believe that too much screen time has a negative impact on the number of hours children are active during the day. Research has shown a direct relationship between the number of hours sat in front of a screen and the levels of obesity and overweight children.

We regularly use the local parks to play including sports games. The games we play encourage other skills such as hand to eye coordination, and social skills building confidence and wellbeing along with strong self esteem.

The Redbrick Day Nursery in Northampton provides high quality, flexible bespoke childcare in a natural and homely environment. 

We offer care to children aged 6 weeks to 5 years.  Out of school club including pick up and drop off at local primary schools  

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Head Office: Welford Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN2 8AG